Veolia Southwark PRO GROW



Pro-Grow is a fine grade, peat free soil conditioner, made from green garden material generated by households. This product is rich in nutrients and essential trace elements, providing plants with an ideal growing medium.

This soil conditioner has an open structure that will break down heavy clay soils and add humus to light sandy soils. It complies with the rigorous standards of the Soil Association’s certified product accreditation (Certificate Number I 4430) and is entirely natural, containing no added fertilisers.

Where is Pro-Grow available?

Pro-Grow soil conditioner can be purchased from the Southwark Reuse and Recycling Centre or online from the Pro-Grow website.

How much does it cost?

One 30 litre bag costs just £3. Alternatively you can buy three bags for £8 or four bags for £10.

For further information telephone 0800 072 2369; email or visit the Pro-Grow website.