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Reuse projects in Southwark, to support the local community

Community RePaint Network

In 2010, 366 million litres of paint were bought in the UK. Of this, it is estimated that approximately 55 million litres are unused, stored in homes, garages or just thrown away. That's enough paint to fill 22 Olympic-sized swimming pools! 

If you are a resident within Southwark and have leftover paint from your home, you can use the drop-off point at our Reuse and Recycling Centre to leave your paint. Groups and individuals will then be able to access the site to collect the paint and use it locally. All paint brought to our Reuse and Recycling Centre at Southwark is redistributed through the Community RePaint network. This includes any full or part-full tins that are leftover. 

Community Reuse

Working electricals, bric-a-brac and bicycles which come into our Reuse and Recycling Centre at Southwark are donated to a small social enterprise called Community Reuse who in turn find new homes for them.

This is a perfect example of using a local resource to create local employment which in turn provides a carbon friendly / health inspiring product at the end of the cycle.