Veolia Southwark solar panels at southwark recycling facility

Southwark - Going Greener

Discover some of our initiatives that help to make our Southwark facility greener

We like to practice what we preach when it comes to environmental matters, but we believe there is always room for improvement. Here are some of the initiatives we are working on at present to make our workplace and operations greener.


We have provided a set of recycled bikes that can be used by staff for external meetings to use instead of cars. Our collections drivers also receive regular training regarding fuel-efficient driving and also road safety with cyclists in mind.

Green features

The Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility has a number of key environmental features built-in such as:

  • 25% recycled or reclaimed building materials
  • Solar panels and sedum matting on roof of resource centre
  • Grey water used to flush toilets in resource centre
  • Grey water used to wash vehicles
  • Smart taps in resource centre to limit fresh water use
  • Rainwater harvesting to the MBT facility
  • Bird and bat boxes
  • Stag beetle loggery and breeding box
  • 100 new trees planted
  • 10,000 new shrubs planted
  • Wildflower meadowgrass on access road
  • Insect habitat towers

Green office

Some of the initiatives we have introduced at our offices include:

  • Nightwatchman software to ensure that PCs are turned off at night 
  • Double sided printing installed as default 
  • Introduction of a mains water cooler and filter instead of bottled water supply and provision of reusable glasses for everyone in the office