Veolia announces application to vary planning permission for Staffordshire Energy Recovery Facility

Veolia is seeking permission from Staffordshire County Council’s Planning Authority to modify the tonnage of waste that is delivered to the Four Ashes site, in order to ensure that the plant operates sustainably at optimum performance levels.
The facility is at the forefront of developments in urban sustainable energy and produces up to 29MW of electricity for the National Grid playing a significant role in supporting landfill diversion.  
Steve Mitchell, Director for Veolia, said:  “The planning application submitted seeks permission to increase the annual tonnage that can be accepted at the Staffordshire Energy Recovery Facility from 300,000tpa to 340,000tpa.
We want to re-assure local residents that this tonnage modification will have no effect on the existing agreed parameters for emissions.  We will be able to continue to operate within these limitations. The application will also have no impact on the current limits and routing agreements for traffic set by Staffordshire County Council.
We also wish to re-assure local residents that there will be no need to have any extension or amendments to the actual building.”
“This application, if granted, will ensure that more residual waste currently destined for landfill, is diverted and used to generate energy through our state of the art facility.”