Street Cleansing



Litter and general street cleanliness frequently top the lists of residents’ concerns. It is easy to see why; with such a visible impact on everyone’s environment, litter and graffiti are an ongoing challenge for all Local Authorities.

The solution lies in an in-depth knowledge of the area, combined with careful planning and targeted action to transform problem locations.

Bringing together your local knowledge and our expertise, we can roll out a programme of regular street cleaning activities designed to maintain optimum cleanliness in your area:

  • Sweeping flat surfaces e.g. shopping centres
  • Sweeping pavements and roads
  • Hotwashing large areas of road to remove day-to-day grime
  • Hotwashing walls and bridges for the removal of graffiti or bird fouling
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Weed removal

We operate advanced equipment including gully machines for clearing drains and cesspits and 'grab' vehicles capable of removing fly-tipped objects. Our staff are visible, approachable and conscientious.

When we’re needed, Veolia can rise to the toughest challenges. In Westminster, a million people visit 8 square miles each day and our crews work around the clock, 365 days a year to keep the heart of London clean.  We also help authorities to manage cleaning after major public events such as the London Marathon or the annual New Years’ celebrations.

Our approach has led to success in some of the most demanding areas in the country.  Whatever the issues affecting your region, Veolia’s street cleaning services can improve your performance and offer residents a cleaner, greener and safer environment.