Get daily festive recycling tips with new interactive advent calendar

 The countdown to Christmas has officially started! To get everyone in the festive mood, Veolia has launched an online advent calendar where each day you can get hints and tips on how to recycle this Christmas.

In addition, there are lots of facts about how many Christmas trees are thrown away every year and how many turkeys will be sold this Christmas.

Steve Mitchell, Area Director Midlands West from Veolia, commented: “The Christmas period produces an extra 30 per cent more waste every year, mainly because of all the decorations, wrapping paper and cards that people throw away after the big event. In fact, each year we use enough wrapping paper to stretch to the moon.
“We want to help everyone find ways of reducing waste now, as well as help people recycle their Christmas waste. So we thought this advent calendar would be a great way to get everyone thinking about how they can reduce waste at home and at work. The calendar has daily tips on how to send an alternative Christmas card, and how to make fun Christmas decorations from waste materials.

Open the advent calendar to see what's behind today's door.

And it’s not just wrapping paper and cards that can be recycled, the advent calendar provides lots of tips about how you can use up extra food, as well as how to buy that special gift which will last a year, so there really is no waste.
Steve added: “We’d encourage everyone to take look; it really is a great little tool to learn more about recycling and how we can all play our part to reduce waste this Christmas.”
Open the advent calendar here and find out what is behind today’s door!