Lilleshall WI Visits Material Recovery Facility to find out what happens to their recycling

Almost twenty members of Lilleshall WI visited Veolia’s Material Recovery Facility, where all of the towns purple top bin waste is sent.
Rosemary Sampson, President of Lilleshall WI said “We are very grateful to Veolia for inviting us to their site and for showing us around last month.  We have often wondered what happens to our purple top bin waste when it leaves our homes and our visit to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) has been an education. 
“The tour around the plant was comprehensive and very interesting.  The explanation of the process of sorting and separating the waste given by Plant Manager Nigel Price, was excellent and it was an experience to see the massive scale of the operation undertaken by Veolia in order to recycle our waste.
“The importance of putting the correct household waste items into the recycle bin is something that we will remember!”
Tours of the facility are open to anyone, for further information please contact Sarah Maythorne, Community Liaison Officer for Veolia at [email protected]