Veolia gets on board with Telford 50

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Veolia has got on board with Telford 50, promoting the 50th anniversary with a gold coloured recycling truck.
The truck branded in golden colours of Telford 50 will be seen across the borough on its collection rounds.
The Veolia recycling truck has been funded and decorated by Veolia.
Veolia is one of the Council’s long-term contractors who have recently been praised by residents for their work and reliability.
The Council very much welcomes Veolia’s wanting to join in for Telford 50, by promoting the anniversary message this way and encouraging people to get involved.
Steve Mitchell, Area Director for Veolia said: “For more than four years, we’ve been playing a major part in the borough with our recycling and waste services collections.
“As the borough celebrates its 50th anniversary year, we want to join in and raise the awareness of this celebration – our golden truck is definitely going to be very visible over the coming months and we hope everyone will spot it on its rounds.
We want to wish Telford a very “Happy Birthday!” – and look forward to continuing our work, helping the borough to recycle even more”.
Since being awarded the Waste Contract in 2014, Veolia has been playing an important part in the local community, supporting local people and organisations in Telford through various community initiatives.
Since 2014, Veolia has awarded over £56,000 to more than 70 community groups.
The Veolia EnviroGrant scheme helps local people improve their environment or community with grants of up to £1,000, while Veolia Sports Funding gives grants of up to £500, encouraging participation in sports.
Applications for the next round of the EnviroGrant Scheme are open until 31st July 2018 and application forms are available to download from
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