Telford and Wrekin Home Composting

Find out how you can start composting at home

garden and food waste composting at home


Having a compost bin enables you to recycle not only your garden waste, but also non cooked waste from the kitchen. To get the best from your compost bin you need to add a mixture of “greens” and “browns”.


Tea bags, Grass cuttings, Vegetable peelings, Old flowers, Fruit scraps including the peel from citrus fruit, Nettles, Coffee grounds and filter paper, Bedding plants, Young annual weeds


Crushed up egg shells, Egg boxes, Cereal boxes, Corrugated cardboard packaging – scrunched up in small amounts, Tubes from kitchen or toilet rolls, Garden prunings, Dry leaves, twigs and hedge clippings, Straw and hay, Bedding from vegetarian pets, Wool, Feathers, Ashes from wood, paper or lump wood charcoal, Woody clippings, Cotton threads, String made from natural fibres, Tissues, paper towels and napkins (unless they have been in contact with meats, fats or oils), Shredded paper

Become a master composter!

The Master Composter group is run and managed by Veolia, who fund the scheme and assisted by Garden Organics. To become a Master Composter, you need to attend a one-day foundation course. As well as the training course there will be a visit to the Ryton Organic Gardens in Coventry.

The course covers all elements of the home composting process including an in-depth look at the types of materials that make successful compost. Once qualified, volunteers will go out and about across Telford & Wrekin to talk to groups about how to compost at home.

To register an interest in becoming a Master Composter please contact us on: 07881 037065

To find out more about composting please visit the Garden Organics website

Veolia are working in partnership with Telford & Wrekin Council to improve recycling rates and offer an excellent service to residents
Your purple top wheelie bin, green wheelie bin, blue bag and food caddy.
Veolia works with local groups to help provide information about waste and recycling services.
Veolia are keen to work with schools within Telford & Wrekin to provide information to children about recycling.
All the materials that you place in your purple top bin or your blue bag or box are sent to be recycled into new materials.