Telford - Where Your Recycling Goes

Once collected from your kerbside, where does your recycling in Telford go?

blue box recycling


All the materials that you place in your new purple top bin or your blue bag or box are sent to be recycled into new materials.

Paper & Cardboard

  • The paper and cardboard collected from the kerbside is sent to a reprocessor who makes it in to new paper or cardboard.

Plastic, cans & glass

  • This material is taken to a Materials Recycling Facility in Four Ashes near Wolverhampton. At that facility it is split into the various different materials and is then sent to various reprocessors.
  • The glass is made into new glass.
  • The cans and steel are sometimes made into new cans and tins and some mateial is made into car parts or parts of aeroplanes.
  • The plastic is either turned into new plastic food packaging or it is made into things like drain pipes and garden furniture.

    Our short film shows where the recycling in Telford and Wrekin goes.

Veolia are working in partnership with Telford & Wrekin Council to improve recycling rates and offer an excellent service to residents
Your purple top wheelie bin, green wheelie bin, blue bag and food caddy.
Veolia works with local groups to help provide information about waste and recycling services.
Veolia are keen to work with schools within Telford & Wrekin to provide information to children about recycling.
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