Your Recycling Service

Information on your kerbside recycling in Telford and Wrekin

Your purple top wheelie bin and blue bag

Your recycling bin is for cans and tins (including clean foil and aerosols), mixed plastics from the bathroom and kitchen (including yoghurt pots, butter and margarine tubs and other food packaging) and glass bottles and jars.  You can add black plastic to your purple top recycling bin.  Please do not put your recycling inside plastic bags; plastic bags cannot be recycled within this service.

Blue recycling box

Your paper and cardboard can be mixed together in your exisiting blue bag or blue box.  If you have a lot of recycling please use both containers; it can also help to flatten your card. Please do not put your recycling into plastic bags; plastic bags cannot be recycled within this service.

Click the link below for a list of frequently asked questions about the service:

FAQs (108.36 KB)
Veolia are working in partnership with Telford & Wrekin Council to improve recycling rates and offer an excellent service to residents
Veolia works with local groups to help provide information about waste and recycling services.
Veolia are keen to work with schools within Telford & Wrekin to provide information to children about recycling.
Find out how you can start composting at home!
All the materials that you place in your purple top bin or your blue bag or box are sent to be recycled into new materials.