Circular Economy Case Studies

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Using food waste to create heat and power

Biogas production

Leeming Bar in North Yorkshire is another Veolia facility where we are putting the circular economy into practice. It's here that we operate one of the largest gas-to-grid energy plants in the UK: a state-of-the-art biogas plant operation that employs the very latest technologies and techniques to provide a reliable and secure supply of green energy.

Our biogas plant helps businesses and industry turn the by-products of their manufacturing processes into a valuable revenue stream.

For example, we worked with a local ice-cream factory to transform the sugar, fat and protein sludge left from its ice-cream production into a nutrient-rich fertiliser for agriculture.
Green energy from ice cream
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Download our infographic to discover which flavour of ice cream creates the most energy

The facility is designed for a capacity of up to 80,000 tonnes of food waste per year. This is used as a feedstock for a 500kW biogas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine. The engine generates a methane-rich biogas that can be pumped to the National Grid to power local homes and businesses.

At the end of the process, the facility produces 70,000 tonnes of nutrient rich fertiliser that can be used in agriculture: a closed loop solution for food waste that also helps to aid food production and grow crops.



Here is how our Leeming biogas facility works