Veolia Water Nevis

Veolia Water Nevis forms part of a 25-year contract to deliver the operations, maintenance and asset investment across the Defence Estate in Scotland as part of a Private Financial Initiative (PFI) with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), the property and services provider of the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

This contract is part of the Aquatrine Partnership which won MoD water and wastewater contracts covering the whole of the UK.  
Project Outline

Project Outline

The Veolia Water Nevis contract covers a vast geographical area involving a wide and complex range of infrastructure components.

These include:

  • 27 Water Treatment Works
  • 40 Sewage Treatment Works
  • 160km of Water networks
  • 69 Water Pumping Stations
  • 140 Sewage Pumping Stations
  • 91 Service Reservoirs
Project Scope

Project Scope

Veolia Water Nevis is responsible for around 453 Army, Navy and RAF sites across Scotland with a total contract value of £400m. 

Providing water and waste water solutions, Veolia Water Nevis manages two sub-contracts covering different aspects of the contract; the operations and maintenance of the project assets in partnership with Scottish Water and the asset management in partnership with Veolia Water Outsourcing Ltd. 

Within the scope of the project, Veolia Water Nevis is responsible for the successful delivery of the two sub-contracts in line with a number of key service delivery criteria.

Aquatrine Overall Performance

Aquatrine Overall Performance

The project partners have worked closely together to meet key performance criteria. These include:

  • Water Quality
  • Serviceability
  • Asset Condition Grade
  • Environmental Compliance

The most significant project achievement to date has been assisting the MOD in meeting its Sustainable Operation Government Targets (SOGE) across the whole UK Defence estate. These targets included a 25% reduction in gross water usage based on 2004/05 usage by 2020, which was achieved 11 years early.

The proactive approach to leakage across the network has ensured the vastly improved management of the water and wastewater network.

The Aquatrine Partnership

The Aquatrine Partnership

Aquatrine delivers one of the largest water and wastewater Public Finance Initiatives (PFI) contracts in Europe, which is for a term of 25 years with the MoD.

Since 2003 the provision of water and wastewater services has been managed by three service providers; Veolia Water Nevis, Severn Trent Services and Kelda Water Services.

Veolia Water Nevis deliver Package B - which covers sites in Scotland.

You can learn more about Aquatrine by visiting their dedicated website here.