The Wait is Nearly Over - Arden Returns to the British Pig and Poultry Fair 2022

The Wait is Nearly Over - Arden Returns to the British Pig and Poultry Fair 2022 

Arden Wood Shavings will be exhibiting at the British Pig & Poultry Fair 2022 on 10th and 11th May at Stoneleigh Park. It has been four years since the last Pig & Poultry Fair due to the pandemic, and Arden is pleased to return to this eagerly awaited event in a new stand location (stand 6) in Hall 1, where we will be promoting our Safemix and Agribed Poultry Bedding product ranges.

The British Pig & Poultry Fair is widely considered to be the UK’s flagship event for the commercial poultry industry. As well as what promises to be a buzzing exhibition, there will be forums led by experts from the sector covering topics that include challenges facing the supply chain. While also being the perfect platform for launching new products, it is a golden networking opportunity for the industry to come together once again.

Arden’s poultry products continue to evolve, as an effective new bedding solution makes its Pig & Poultry Fair debut from the Arden Wood Shavings stand. Joining Arden’s market leading Safemix poultry bedding is Agribed, a new highly effective kiln-dried paper crumb option approved by DEFRA, the EA and Red Tractor.

New to the market, and developed for broilers and turkeys, Agribed has been introduced as another readily available bedding solution for poultry farmers, with the potential for even greater cost savings on some farms.

Agribed is sterile and comfortable helping to optimise bird health and welfare. A key benefit of paper crumb is its excellent absorbency, ensuring that poultry sheds stay drier and friable for longer, while also being a very effective insulator. The composition and pH in paper crumb actively reduces ammonia. Agribed also reduces pododermatitis (podo) with an exceptional podo scores record. Furthermore, it is easy to spread and easy to clean out.

Of course, Arden’s stand would not be complete without Safemix. Since developing and introducing Safemix to poultry farmers in 2007, Safemix is today ‘the poultry bedding product of choice’ for most of the leading household names in the poultry industry. A blend of high-quality wood shavings and clean sterile woodchip, Safemix provides maximum comfort for birds as well as superb litter performance and hygiene.

Economical to use, Safemix can be supplied in bulk, as Maxibales or Top-Up bales.

Bio-secure bulk deliveries of Safemix and Agribed using specialist blowers are provided by Arden Wood Shavings to farms nationwide.

While Arden is widely respected for poultry bedding solutions, the service, knowledge and dedication of our people are pivotal to everything we do. Customers can trust us for reliable supplies and consistently high-quality standards, which is at the heart of all our business activity. As a specialist poultry bedding company within the Veolia group, Arden places great emphasis on strategic planning for the future where reliability, consistently high standards of product and service, underpinned by fair pricing, continue to be a top priority.

“During a period of uncertainty in many supply chains, our Safemix and Agribed products keep Arden in the strongest possible position to offer high quality bedding options and maintain consistent reliable supplies at affordable prices,” says Chris Stanford, Arden Wood Shavings.

We look forward to catching up with customers and colleagues from the industry at the British Pig and Poultry Fair. Whether it is a chat about our products, entering our free prize draw, or simply a catch-up with our team over a coffee, we extend a warm welcome to the Arden Wood Shavings stand located in Hall 1.