What can my business recycle?

What can I recycle?

Most businesses produce a number of different waste streams which could be reused or recycled. Veolia operates a nationwide service for the collection of most recyclables. 

Paper and card

Most businesses begin with paper and card recycling services. We offer a choice of custom-designed recycling containers including internal recycling bins and containers, external bins and trade waste containers and on-site balers and compactors.

We collect wooden packaging from industrial and commercial businesses across the UK.  The material is processed into chippings, which are either recycled into fibreboard and particleboard or used by the horticultural industry.We offer a choice of rear-end loaders, front-end loaders and various skips.

Our glass recycling system is a popular choice with business customers. We have access to an extensive reprocessing network.

Electrical equipment
Since the introduction of the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Directive, companies that produce WEEE have been obliged by law to finance its collection and recovery. Our service offers a safe, efficient way to recycle IT, office and telephone equipment as well as fluorescent tubes.

To comply with the EU Batteries regulations, many businesses are required to organise in-house or public battery recycling collections. BatteryBack, are our preferred battery recycling collection partner, who offer an ideal solution for all organisations including retailers and civic amenity sites, public buildings and businesses alike.

Small hazardous wastes
Everyday items used by all businesses are now classed as hazardous waste. Batteries, aerosols, light bulbs, adhesives and paint containers cannot be disposed of with your general waste. Our EcoServices package can take care of these wastes, fulfilling your environmental obligations as a hazardous waste producer.

Food waste
The technology for effectively recycling food waste is advancing every year.  Your waste is stored in closed, hygienic containers and collected for recycling, helping to reduce your carbon emissions.  

Secure shredding
Some of your waste paper may need to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, which obliges all companies to store and dispose of personal information securely.

Our secure shredding service solves this problem. We secure your waste on site, collect your data in specialist vehicles and monitor its destruction under strict supervision.  Find out more about secure destruction services here.

Printers paper (large volume paper waste)
We have designed collection systems suitable for large and small volumes of paper waste. Whatever you need, we have a solution to suit.

Wheelie bins are a popular choice with small to medium sized printers, as they can be placed next to presses and guillotines and wheeled off for disposal when they are full.  Larger printers may require air extraction systems linked to paper compaction equipment.

Soft plastics
We can also help you to set up systems to recycle other materials such as shrink-wrap, pallet wrap, natural and lightly tinted polythene.

Palletised recyclables
We can collect or accept deliveries of palletised recyclable material such as pamphlets, brochures, cardboard, paper etc.

We supply a wide choice of recycling containers to suit your business, save you space and create a collection cycle that works for you.
Recycling can help your business to save money and improve environmental performance.