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Veolia Sheffield Bulky Waste Service for residents


We can collect bulky items, furniture and household appliances directly from your household with our convenient bulky waste collection service.

Bulky waste collection service

For waste that can't be disposed or recycled using your normal kerbside collection service, we offer a convenient bulky waste collection directly from your property. All items collected are taken to licensed facilities, where as much as possible is reused or recycled.

We have three categories for the removal of bulky items:

1. Private Tenants and Householders

There is a collection charge based on the number of  items that need collecting. 
Number of bulky items   Price (including VAT)
1-3 £21.00
4-6 £35.40
7-9 £49.80
10-12 £63.00

The charges are reduced if you receive income support, housing benefit, pension credit or job seekers allowance.
Number of bulky items  Subsidised price (incl VAT)
1-3 £10
4-6 £15
7-9 £25
10-12 £35

Please note: Fridges and Freezers are included as part of the item allowance.

Collection is within 7 working days (for a maximum of 12 items).

2. More than 12 items or items of a non-domestic nature

There is a chargeable service for the removal of items of a non-domestic nature (fixtures & fittings inc baths). This is a MINIMUM charge of £63.00 (incl VAT) and may require a manager to visit and provide an estimate of charges. The only type of bath that we can't take (unless it is broken up) is a cast iron one.

3. Sheffield Housing Service and Housing Association Tenants

If you are a tenant of Sheffield City Council, Pennine, Sanctuary and Great Places there is no charge* for the removal of your household bulky waste. The cost of the service is paid for through your rent payment.

Once booked, collections will take place within 7 working days.

Contact your local housing office if you need more than 12 items to be collected.

*Please note that Sheffield City Council, Great Places tenants are limited to one collection in any twelve month period. Tenants of ACIS are limited to one collection of up to 9 items in any twelve month period. Additional collections will be charged the same amount as private tenants and householders.

Collections will be made within 7 working days.

Please call: 0114 273 4567 for more information about the collection services and to arrange a collection.

You can now pay for your bulky collection over the telephone by card, when you contact the Call Centre.

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) are a good place to take your unwanted furniture and electrical items for recycling and reuse.

To find your nearest HWRC click here.
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