Veolia Haringey

Collection Day Finder

Please input your full postcode into the search function below and pick your address from the drop-down menu that comes up to find out what day of the week your refuse, recycling and food/garden waste is collected. Please note that your garden waste will only be collected if you have signed up to the chargeable garden waste service.


If you input your postcode and it does not show up any information please contact the Veolia Contact Centre at [email protected] or on 0208 885 7700 to find out your collection schedule and to report the fault so it can be looked into.


Christmas and New Year Collections


Usual Collection Day                  Revised Collection Day                        

Monday 23rd December               No Change

Tuesday 24th December              No Change

Wednesday 25th December         Friday 27th December

Thursday 26th December            Saturday 28th December

Friday 27th December                 Sunday 29th December


Monday 30th December               No Change

Tuesday 31st December              No Change

Wednesday 1st January              Thursday 2nd January

Thursday 2nd January                 Friday 3rd January 

Friday 3rd January                       Saturday 4th January


Normal collections resume from Monday 6th January 2020.


We are working on displaying downloadable Collection Calendars for you to save or print out after you have inputted your postcode. These should be available in the New Year.