​Sheffield - Requesting a new or replacement bin

How to request a new or replacement kerbside bin in Sheffield

New and Replacement Bins

Please note that there is an administration and delivery charge for providing new and replacement bins in Sheffield. The charge is set by Sheffield City Council, and if you have your own domestic (black) there is a £25 replacement charge.  Blue bins (paper and card) and brown bins (glass, cans and plastic bottles) are replaced free of charge.

If your bin is lost or damaged you can order a replacement online clicking here or by calling 0114 2734567.

If you share your bin with other households, or if you have moved in to a brand new property and don’t yet have any bins, please call 0114 2734567.


Green Service

If you are to subscribe to the Green Waste Service, and require a new bin, or need to replace a lost or stolen green bin, please note that there is a £25 administration and delivery charge for all new and replacement green bins provided for the subscription Garden Waste collections in Sheffield. This charge is set by Sheffield City Council.

If you don’t have a green bin, or if your green bin has been damaged, you can order a new bin here or by calling 0114 2734567.