Don’t be scared to reuse and recycle for a green Halloween!

Halloween is a scary time of year but the amount of waste that can be created from parties and festivities is even scarier! Fear not, Veolia Environmental Services and Sheffield City Council are on hand to make sure residents have a green, waste free Halloween.

A whopping one million pumpkins are sold for Halloween every year. Residents are reminded that as well as using the shells for carving, the flesh of pumpkins can be used to make many delicious recipes such as pumpkin lasagne, pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie! If you have any leftovers, these can easily be composted at home to produce a nutrient rich food for your garden.

Come along to the Winter Gardens during Fright Night on Sunday 28th October to meet Colin the Compost bin and the Wasteful Witches at the Veolia Recycling Stall. Colin will be helping the Wasteful Witches to compost their pumpkins and recycle their waste as well as hading out recycling goody bags. You will even get the chance to win your own pumpkin and lots of recycled goodies.

Colin and the Wasteful Witches will also be out on Fargate with the Mobile Information Unit (MIU) on Wednesday 31st October, answering questions about recycling this Halloween. Residents will also have the chance to pick up a Green Halloween Top Tip guide and a recycling goody bag.

Kate Townrow, Waste Awareness Officer, Veolia Environmental Services said: “The recycling message is important all year round but Halloween is a time when you can really have fun with it. Making a scary costume and decorations out of rubbish is a great way to do your bit for the environment whilst enjoying the frightening festivities.”

If you are unable to attend either event, never fear, here are some handy tips for a green Halloween;

• If you are having a party, avoid using disposable plates and cutlery and use reusable ones instead.
• For your trick or treat goodies, rather than buying sweets with lots of wrappers save on packaging by making your own cakes and biscuits.
• Looking for a fancy dress costume? Take a trip down to the charity shop and see what your imagination can create! 

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