Let's 'Kick' World Cup 'Waste' into touch!

Sheffield residents generate enough waste to fill four football pitches piled 10m high every year! This is expected to dramatically increase as World Cup fever takes hold, so Sheffield City Council and Veolia are holding a ‘Waste Wise’ World Cup information event to help residents ‘kick’ their World Cup waste into touch and recycle!

Veolia’s ‘World Cup’ Waste Awareness Team will be on Angel Street in the city centre with their Mobile Information Unit on 17 June between 10am-3pm. This event also kick starts Recycle Week 2014 – a National Week with the main ‘goal’ to increase awareness about recycling.
The team will be on hand to help residents ‘tackle’ their World Cup waste by sharing their top tips and residents will be invited to sign a Waste Wise World Cup pledge to be in with a ‘sporting chance’ of winning lots of football goodies.
World Cup Waste Awareness Officer, Kate Townrow said: “The World Cup is an exciting time with lots of parties, barbecues and takeaways bringing with it more drink cans, glass bottles, plastic pop bottles, takeaway containers - not to mention extra magazines and newspapers purchased to read all those match highlights. It is also anticipated that the World Cup will create a mountain of unwanted TVs as football fans invest in new larger, HD TVs to watch the matches. We are urging Sheffield residents to be the ‘Champions’ of recycling during this time by recycling as much as they possibly can.”
Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene comments: “It is amazing what every day items can be recycled into. It’s hard to believe but plastic bottles can be recycled into clothing and for this year’s World Cup both the England national team’s home and away strips are made from an average of 18 recycled plastic bottles each!”
Residents are reminded that all glass bottles and jars, cans, tins and plastic bottles should be recycled in the blue bin and paper and cardboard in the blue box. Any extra items can be taken to a local Recycling Site along with other items that cannot be recycled in the blue bin and box such as plastic food containers, yoghurt pots, foil trays and even old football shirts! Unwanted TVs, along with other unwanted bulky items such as furniture and fridges can be recycled at any one of our 5 Household Waste Recycling Centres.
The World Cup brings together communities across the planet like no other event. So let’s work together to make it our goal to look after our planet and recycle!
For more information about your Waste and Recycling Services or how to have a Waste Wise World Cup, please call: 0114 273 4567 or visit www.veolia.co.uk/sheffield. If you are a Twitter user and wish to follow us then you can find the ‘Recycle4Sheffield’ profile page at: www.twitter.com/recycle4shef