Veolia shows residents how to have a green Halloween!

Halloween is a creepy time of year but the mountain of waste that can be created from parties and festivities is even scarier! There’s no need to be afraid as Veolia Environmental Services and Sheffield City Council are on hand to make sure residents have a green Halloween.

Under the watchful eye of ‘Recyclops’, a reused rubbish monster made by local charity Reclaim, the ‘Veolia Family’ took to Fargate to encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle this Halloween.  The team showed residents how to get creative with their rubbish and make spooky decorations including egg carton bats and ghostly garlands out of old envelopes.  Visitors also got into the spooky spirit making masks out of old paper and card.

The fun will continue on Fright Night where the Veolia Family will be helping to make sure that residents have a green Halloween even after it finishes by handing out top tips for recycling party rubbish and showing how to reuse trick or treat sweet wrappers.

3 Top Tips for a green Halloween: 

  • It’s much more fun to make your own costume rather than wasting money on a costume that will probably end up in the bin
  • If you have a party, use reusable plates, bowls and cutlery.  You can buy scary Halloween ones and save them for next year
  • If you make a Jack O’Lantern, you can compost your pumpkin seeds and the broken up shell or make pumpkin soup – it’s delicious!

The Veolia Family’s recycling assistant, Simon Heathcote comments: “Following the reduce, reuse, recycle message is important all year round but Halloween is a time when you can really have fun with it.  Making a scary costume and decorations out of rubbish is a great way to do your bit for the environment whilst enjoying the frightening festivities.”

Reclaim is a local recycling charity that provides training and employment for people with learning difficulties or mental health problems.  Darren Fitzpatrick, managing director at Reclaim also comments: “The trainees loved making Recyclops and it was great to show them how items that are usually thrown away can be reused to make something fun.  I hope Recyclops enjoyed meeting the Sheffield residents and didn’t scare them too much!”

For more information on recycling at Halloween, please visit: or call: 0114 273 4567.  If you are a Twitter user and wish to follow us then you can find the ‘Recycle4Sheffield’ profile page at: