Remember to Recycle your 5-a-Day

New campaign displayed on vehicles to encourage recycling

New Veolia and Haringey council campaign to increase resident recycling of five main material types

Veolia and Haringey Council have launched a new campaign that aims to encourage residents to recycle by focusing on five main material types that should be recycled, as well as five that should definitely not be put into the recycling bin.
Every waste and recycling collection vehicle in the borough is displaying the new messages, which ask residents to ‘throw these five in’ on one side and ‘bat these five out’ on the other side. The campaign has taken the well-known ‘five a day’ theme relating to fruit and vegetables as a way of informing residents about what should and should not be recycled in an easily-recognisable and easy to understand way.
The five key groups of materials that should go in the recycling bin are Paper & Card, Plastic Bottles, Tubs, Pots & Trays, Glass Bottles & Jars, Tins, Cans & Aerosols, and Cartons (Tetrapaks). Paper and card should be clean, and all containers should be clean and empty. The five to keep out are Black Bags, Food & Garden Waste, Electrical Items, Nappies, and Textiles & Clothes.
Several of the items that cannot go into the recycling bin can, in fact, be recycled in other ways. For example, Veolia offers dedicated weekly food and garden waste collection services. Please contact the Veolia Contact Centre on [email protected] or 020 8885 7700 for further details.
Dan Lester, Communications Manager for Veolia in Haringey, said: “We understand that for some residents this will be preaching to the converted, but this is a borough-wide campaign and there are still many residents who are not sure what and how to recycle, and what to avoid placing in their recycling bin or bag. This campaign has been designed to focus on just the most obvious items, so that everyone can easily participate in recycling to a comfortable level and importantly not mix their recycling with items that should not be in there that cause the whole load to be rejected at the recycling facility.”
Cllr Peray Ahmet, Haringey Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “It’s really important that as a borough we are recycling everything we can – but it has to be the right things. The 5-a-day theme is a simple way of making sure everyone knows exactly what goes where. Recycling rates in Haringey are on the up, and if everyone does their part, together we can keep making Haringey cleaner and greener.”