Supplier Information

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On this page please find information, guides and documents explaining how we manage relationships with our suppliers.

The Supply Chain Team at Veolia are responsible for sourcing the goods and services that the business requires and managing the associated supply chain risk in the UK and Ireland. 

Regional Supply Chain and National Category Managers are responsible for the categories critical to the day-to-day delivery of Veolia's business operations, namely Operating Equipment & Supplies, Subcontracting, Mobile & Motorised Equipment, Energy & Chemicals, General Purchasing, Intellectual Services and IT & Telecommunications.

The Supply Chain Shared Services Team facilitate the transactional processes, including Vendor Setup and Maintenance.

Supplier Charter

Veolia is committed to the active improvement of the local environment, economy and communities, now and in the future. Veolia plays a part in all 17 SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) at different levels and has a direct impact in 13 of them. To learn more, please download our Supplier Charter.

Veolia Group - General Conditions of Supply (Conditions of Purchase)

All our suppliers are expected to agree to and accept Veolia Group’s General Terms and Conditions. For more details, please download the Veolia Group - General Conditions of Supply.

Workday Supplier Portal Access
Workday is the platform for our master data and account creation which Supply Chain use for Supplier accounts.  Once the account is created, a link is sent to the supplier who can view their invoices and payment status.

Veolia Ethics Guide

Our global Ethics Guide formalises our values, providing Veolia employees throughout the world with a shared frame of reference and a benchmark for ethical conduct on a daily basis. Veolia entrusts the review of its Ethics Guide to its Ethics Committee - a body that operates independently of its management. Employees or third parties may refer to the Ethics Committee whenever they believe the Group’s values have been compromised, either directly or indirectly via our dedicated confidential whistleblowing mechanisms.

Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct

It is our policy to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. We take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption, and we expect our suppliers and subcontractors to take the same approach. To learn more, please read our Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct.

Facilitation of Tax Evasion policy

We also take a zero-tolerance approach to tax evasion, and we expect our suppliers and subcontractors take the same approach. To learn more, please read our Facilitation of Tax Evasion Policy.

Certificate of Compliance - Greenpath

CITEPA certifies that Veolia has established a calculation tool of carbon footprint

SupplHi User Guides

Veolia uses SupplHi for its Vendor onboarding and management. The vendor has to be invited by Veolia Supply Chain to become Veolia's approved supplier. If you are invited by Veolia Supply Chain, please use this user guide to respond to our qualification request:

Reporting concerns around compliance and ethics

Veolia's ethics and compliance commitment is part of a broader societal dynamic that sees a growing number of stakeholders questioning companies’ extra-financial performance. We encourage all employees, customers, suppliers, and any other parties, who become aware of a breach of ethics and/or compliance rules, to report the breach via the Group's alert line.