Tidworth Water Services

Water mains, service pipes, drains and sewer maintenance.
Tidworth Water Facilities

Water and sewerage services for Tidworth and Perham Down

Veolia Water Projects delivers water mains, service pipes, drains, and sewer maintenance for residents and businesses in the Tidworth and Perham Down area in Wiltshire and its associated civilian population in postcodes SP9 and SP11.

Veolia water projects

Veolia Water Projects' (Tidworth inset) operating area is about 80 miles southwest of London.

As these areas fall within another supply area, the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) has granted Veolia a special license to provide these services. This is known as an inset appointment.

If your enquiry relates to any other postcode please refer to the water company for that geographic area.

If your water supplier recently changed its name from Veolia Water Central, East or Southeast to Affinity Water, please contact them directly.

Tidworth Water Projects Map

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