Helping businesses in the chemical sector be more efficient, cost-effective, and compliant.
Hazardous Waste Services

Working with chemical companies
to optimise their sites and drive down costs

Businesses in the chemical sector are facing increasing pressure to decarbonise and clean up an industry that was once considered 'dirty'. It's important to balance this with safety, whilst improving efficiency and creating cost savings.

BREF and beyond

BREFs set out standards for emissions, water and more, and have already made an impact in the chemical sector. With energy efficiency targets set for 2025, businesses need to be thinking now about making changes to their energy infrastructure.

Security of supply

A reliable supply of waste, energy, and water services is critical in this sector. Power outages can have big financial impacts, as can failure to adhere to hazardous waste regulations.

Creating value

Improving segregation of waste and recovering as much waste as possible creates value in the sector, by minimising the amount of waste that gets sent to incineration and creating opportunities for waste materials to be repurposed. Waste mapping is a crucial step towards achieving this.

Chemical sector


Our network of hazardous waste facilities means that we can take care of your waste from collection to incineration, giving you peace of mind that your waste is being treated safely and legally.

Value from waste: how improving segregation could benefit your bottom line

Waste disposal can be a huge expense. Understanding what makes up your waste streams, and therefore being able to improve waste segregation, can cut costs.

One reliable supplier for waste, energy, water and more

Using one supplier across all three key areas can offer a more sustainable, cost-effective solution, and provide greater peace of mind.

Helping older sites meet today's requirements

Many sites were built with different priorities in mind, with infrastructure that was built to last. Whilst this is great news in terms of the longevity of sites, it can also present challenges when trying to upgrade equipment and processes.

Finding the funding to help your business become greener

Despite increasing pressure to focus on the environment, margins are tight in the chemical sector, often making sustainability less of a priority than businesses might like it to be. However, there are funding options out there for new projects. 

Helping your site to stay compliant and safe

Compliance in all its forms, including health and safety and environmental, is critical for businesses in the chemical sector. Make sure you're working with a partner who is knowledgeable and experienced in these areas.

Using your data to create the solutions you need

A data-driven approach, alongside embracing new technology and automation, is key to making your site more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Emergency Response: It pays to prepare

All businesses like to think that their processes are fail-safe. This is especially true for businesses in the chemical sector, which handle hazardous materials and have extremely high standards of health and safety.

Hazardous waste: put your trust in the experts

As a business in the chemical sector, you will undoubtedly produce complex, hazardous waste streams. You will already know that you need to fulfill your duty of care, by ensuring waste is disposed of safely and legally.

Water and wastewater treatment: is yours fit for purpose?

Water is a valuable resource and a key area to focus on when thinking about making your business more sustainable. Improving water and wastewater treatment processes will benefit your environmental impact.

BREFs: Make sure you're informed and prepared

As a business in the chemical sector, you will be aware of BREFs (Best Available Techniques Reference Documents), and the changes they have already brought into force. Make sure you stay informed and prepared for any future changes.

How our Industrial Site Services could benefit your business

With budgets being stretched and more pressure to optimise sites, businesses in the chemical sector need to work with an Industrial Services supplier who will create value and improve efficiency.

How to decarbonise your business and prepare for Net Zero

The UK has a legal Net Zero deadline of 2050, with a target of a 68% reduction in emissions by 2030. As the chemical sector is typically a carbon-intensive industry, decarbonisation needs to be a priority for your business.

Going green: reducing the carbon footprint of your energy supply

Has your business thought about switching to green energy? It can help you meet sustainability targets, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money in the long run.

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