Energy Feasibility Studies

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Identify energy saving opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and cost

Are you looking for the most effective way to live up to your carbon reduction promises? An Energy Feasibility Study will identity new energy-saving opportunities to reduce your consumption, carbon emissions and costs. A win-win for profit and the planet.

How we can help

Businesses and local authorities are coming under increasing pressure to commit to carbon reduction. But without the right energy strategy, it’s not easy to assess which technologies best suit your business. Our energy consultants and engineers can develop energy-efficient technology plans and design strategies that will minimise your investment while maximising your savings. You’ll also benefit from a transparent view on the benefits of the technology, and practical considerations for how to implement it. 

Our Energy Feasibility Studies include:

  • Site audits and visits
  • Collecting and analysing site information
  • Assessing existing system performance
  • Accurate information and insights
  • Technical and economic assessment of shortlisted solutions
  • Energy, cost and carbon savings

Should you decide to give our solution the go ahead, we also have the right expertise in place to implement the solution from design and build to installation and maintenance.  That includes the support of 520 UK engineers, and Veolia’s global Centres of Excellence.

How do we create value for you?

With our expert advice on technologies, capital costs, energy and carbon savings, you’ll be able to assess the viability of your project and make a well informed decision. You can also rest assured that we stand by our words and can implement a solution that will deliver the results we promise. One that’s fit for purpose and can optimise your site’s energy for low carbon future.


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