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Arden Wood Shavings is a trusted name that has been associated with the equestrian industry for over 40 years.

During this time, we have been manufacturing a range of high-quality equestrian bedding products supplied nationwide through our efficient distribution network.


We understand the needs of the evolving equestrian market and listen to our customers, which include both professional and recreational riders. We realise the importance of clean, dust-extracted bedding, consistent quality, and product performance, as well as continuity of supply and fair pricing.

We have made a substantial investment in our modern manufacturing facility, which is equipped with technically advanced screening, blending, and dust-extraction processes. This has enabled us to make continuous improvements and develop innovative new products. 

Safemix Equestrian is our flagship equestrian bedding product. It is an excellent example of ‘Arden innovation’ and is an affordable, ultra-clean horse bedding solution, which has fast become ‘the equestrian bedding of choice’ for many horse owners.

Arden is renowned for being honest and straightforward. That is why we are the people you can rely on for all your equestrian bedding needs.

Our Equestrian Bedding Products


Arden Wood Shavings is renowned for quality, reliability, and integrity.

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