Carbon Footprint and Energy Strategy

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Find out how much, where and when your business is using energy

Everyone likes to be in control – especially when it comes to energy bills. Our carbon footprint and energy strategy services will give you an overview of how much you’re using, where and when. So you can benefit from a triple win of energy, carbon and cost savings.

How we can help

From councils and universities to supermarkets and factories, big buildings can be costly assets with big energy bills. With high carbon emissions, they’re also high priorities for climate change mitigation, reporting and environmental compliance. Our carbon footprint and energy strategy services are low-cost, low-risk interventions that can deliver significant savings. We have the expertise to provide you with:

  • Monitoring and reporting on resource consumption and KPIs
  • Data analysis
  • Smart metering and data logging
  • Energy audits
  • Compliance reporting and advice
  • Energy procurement
  • Measurement and verification
  • Carbon and sustainability strategy

Our dedicated team of engineers and consultants can take the load off your facilities management teams by finding the right energy conservation measures for your needs. They can install systems or meters to track your energy use, calculate your carbon footprint, and help you report and monitor it using Hubgrade technology. You will also have access to our energy bureau to optimise your performance and assess any cost savings.

How do we create value for you?

With a transparent picture of your energy and carbon data, you’ll be in a strong position to report on your performance and to monitor your energy use in real time. These are both critical for organisational risk management and legal compliance. At the same time, you’ll also benefit from significant savings to your bottom line and an enhanced reputation. 

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