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KDC Veolia offer decommissioning services, including decontamination (asbestos, radiological and chemo-toxic), de-planting, asset disposal, demolition and remediation.

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KDC Veolia offers decommissioning services, including decontamination (asbestos, radiological and chemo-toxic), de-planting, asset disposal, demolition, and land remediation. We understand the wide variety of requirements that our clients need and are committed to providing seamless, efficient, and professional services that alleviate any customer concerns.

We provide practical, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for clients and consultants who are looking for reassurance from experts who can deliver projects of all sizes and complexities. Our focus is on exemplary safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance to protect our own and our customers’ people and other stakeholders. We are not complacent and constantly strive to improve.

Our Parent Company, Veolia

Veolia successfully acquired KDC Contractors Ltd in June 2018 to further enhance onshore and offshore decommissioning capabilities. This means that we can now offer; more innovation and enhanced services to both new and existing clients; by working collectively with the existing worldwide expertise in the Veolia Group.

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