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Distributed off-grid renewable energy solutions for your building, campus or even city

True energy resilience, means power generation that can carry on ‘Off-Grid,’ and without interruptions to your business or institutions daily operations.

We have a number of energy solutions that not only help to build long term resilience, but also save on costs and carbon.


Our solutions can operate in parallel with, or independently from the National Grid across a variety of buildings and sectors.


Doing the right thing for the environment is also good for your bottom line. In reducing carbon, you’ll also be delivering cost-effective energy. We help businesses to access cheaper, more reliable energy and achieve your carbon-neutral commitments.

WATCH: Veolia's Net Zero Carbon Strategies


Our reliable power electricity generation solutions, allow your business to carry on ‘off-grid’. This ensures greater reliability and resilience from what can be volatile grid power.


Now, more than ever, customers are driving the environmental agenda. You need to be confident that your business embraces the circular economy across all utilities by continually identifying and recovering additional energy sources.

Make your plan with us to build long-term resilience and save on costs.

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