Safemix Poultry Bedding

Poultry bedding

Safemix poultry bedding is a blend of high-quality wood shavings and clean sterile woodchip that provides maximum comfort for birds as well as superb litter performance and hygiene.

Arden is a (UKAS) ISO 9001:2015 accredited company that operates strict quality and hygiene systems both during the manufacturing process and on the farm so you can be confident to always receive safe high-quality bedding.


Benefits of Safemix Poultry Bedding

Safemix has been developed by Arden to address the long-term shortage of quality bio-secure poultry bedding and is now used by most of the leading household names in the poultry industry. Safemix is less prone to the shortages and cost fluctuations associated with most bedding materials so you can confidently plan ahead for a reliable and affordable supply.

  • Absorbs and breathes to remain friable.
  • Improves welfare.
  • Excellent insulation qualities.
  • Reduces costs - Easy to spread, easy to clean out, and less top-up needed.
  • Bio-secure – Inherently clean ingredients and highly effective sanitisation.
  • Reliable supply to poultry farms nationwide.

Safemix Formats

Safemix Poultry Bedding In Bulk

Specialist bulk blower vehicles ensure a clean and bio-secure delivery with accurate volumes metered into the poultry houses. No waste and no mess!

Safemix Poultry Bedding In Maxibales

The perfect solution when only small quantities are needed or when access for large bulk delivery vehicles is limited. Ideal also for storing on the farm in advance of turnaround.

Safemix Poultry Bedding Top-Up Bales

The use of Safemix Top-Up bales retains the unique benefits of Safemix throughout the crop. They are exceptionally absorbent and especially easy to handle and shake out, reducing labour time and risk of manual handling injury.

Poultry Enrichment Bales

Enrichment Bales are now becoming a standard requirement for the poultry industry. Red Tractor recommends at least one bale for every 1000 birds.

Arden’s Poultry Enrichment Bales are supplied in 800mm x 400mm x 200mm heavy gauge polythene so they last the whole crop without the birds ripping the bales to shreds. As the bales are only 200mm high, the chicks can jump on them at an early age.

Enrichment Bales are filled with the sawdust we extract from our poultry bales.


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