Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


 Optimise your energy prices, to set accurate budgets and capitalise on changes within the energy market

Is your revenue from the power you export going down? Are changes in regulations and volatile power prices affecting your budgets?


How we can help

If you’re relying on a broker or trader to help you get the best deal, it’s unlikely you’re seeing the maximum benefit from your energy agreements. Because regulatory changes that are difficult to understand, and impossible to budget for, can still threaten your long-term competitivity - and your bottom line. 

At Veolia, we do things differently. We run one of the largest embedded power generation portfolios in the UK and optimise more than 1 TWh of energy flows every year for our customers. Our energy market experts can review your existing import and export arrangements and carry out strategic market review to advise you on an overall energy strategy that will deliver far better contractual terms. 

Our Power Purchase Agreements will:

  • Make your energy costs (or income) accurate and predictable
  • Help you prepare for regulatory changes
  • Align your exposure to market prices with your appetite for risk
  • Verify your bills to ensure they are always correct and reflect the market
  • Improve your bottom line and long-term competitivity

How do we create value for you?

In our experience, switching to this kind of energy agreement often results in a five-fold return on investment due to the volumes of power that are traded. With power prices continuing to be increasingly unpredictable, a Power Purchase Agreement will bring your energy costs back under control, mitigating risks and ultimately improving your bottom line.  


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