Building Management System (BMS) and Controls

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Building Management System (BMS) and controls projects and upgrades could transform your buildings energy consumption

Are your building’s energy costs escalating out of control? Our Building Management Systems (BMS) will help you take back control. So you can reduce energy, costs and carbon and operate a greener, more sustainable building.

How we can help

A BMS can control 60-80% of your building’s energy consumption. But installing, upgrading and managing a BMS system in-house can present a challenge in terms of system compatibility, interoperability and how the system is operated. Our BMS and controls experts will ensure your system is fit for purpose, is operating as designed, and is optimised and maintained exactly as it should be. 

We can take care of your BMS project from start to finish. Our experts can select the best products with the latest BMS energy-saving technology for new builds, refurbishments and system upgrades. Whether it’s a standalone, pre-programmed BMS or a multi-building system with multiple control interfaces working over ethernet or fibre optic LANs, our specialists can tailor a reliable, cost-effective solution. All whilst ensuring minimal disruption to your people, services and operations.

Our turnkey BMS solutions cover:

  • Audit and system specification
  • Design and engineering
  • Control panel manufacture
  • Installation, programming and commissioning
  • Comprehensive handover and training 

We can also optimise and upgrade controls for:

  • Heating systems, including boilers and pumps
  • Ventilation and air handling
  • Chilled water and cooling systems
  • Lighting

To help you save even more on building energy costs, we also have an innovative Hubgrade smart monitoring service. This will give you access to BMS Data Analytics via an intuitive dashboard that you can use to make informed decisions about when and where to save energy. 

How do we create value for you?

With our BMS and controls solutions, your facilities team can take back control and optimise your building’s energy use. That means you can save on energy and costs, while improving the efficiency and carbon footprint of your operations. And in the face of the current climate emergency, that could make a world of difference.


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