KDC Veolia Demolition Services

Demolition Claw

Our team of experienced KDC Veolia engineers have safely delivered a wide range of demolition projects for over 30 years, and developed industry leading experience.

Over our many years, KDC Veolia have developed industry best practices and understand the practical, safety and legislative challenges posed by all types of industries, including nuclear, energy, chemical, manufacturing, industrial and the public sector.

At KDC Veolia, we understand that demolition works can need a more delicate approach, particularly when working within a live plant facility or working near sensitive receptors. We use a variety of precision demolition techniques that allow the least disturbance to the surrounding areas.

KDC Veolia’s Characterisation, Decontamination & Demolition methodology:

  • Is based upon mechanical means wherever practicable
  • Uses manual intervention only within safe and stable environment
  • Uses trained, experienced and security cleared staff
  • Overall Strategy is to decommission the facility in a manner that keeps manual intervention to a minimum

Customers select KDC Veolia based on our approach to SHE, our demolition methodologies and our ability to recover/recycle over 98% of materials. We are commercially competitive and customers return to KDC again and again.


KDC Veolia Demolition Process

Demolition, Dismantling and Disposal Methodology

KDC Veolia works toward an overall strategy aiming to decommission facilities in a manner that keeps manual interventional to a minimum. This means using mechanical means wherever possible, for example methods such as precision demolition where semi-remote working reduced the risk to operatives and quick turnaround.

Customers choose KDC Veolia based on this methodology, along with our approach to SHE and our ability to recover or recycle over 98% of materials.


Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery for Resale


Helping you find the value in your unused equipment.

We work with clients in a live site environment to maximise asset recovery and resale to allow our customers to unveil the true value of their redundant equipment.

For a successful and fully auditable salvage, recovery and resale process, KDC Veolia will undertake the following: Initial on-site evaluation Production of project specific sales strategies Plant survey, initial cleaning and removal under controlled conditions and safe systems of work Complete inspection, final cleaning and preparation for resale Resale operations

KDC Veoia provides this service as part of a wider decommissioning, demolition and remediation projects scope, although the service can be a stand alone activity.


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