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Measure, monitor and control the efficiency of your buildings and infrastructure

Are rising utility costs and your energy, gas and water use affecting your bottom line and environmental performance? Our Hubgrade service will help you get smarter about using resources more efficiently, so you can make valuable savings.  


How we can help

Like many organisations, you’ve probably raised the bar with ambitious sustainability and cost reduction targets. But to identify ways to save resources, and capture data on any savings you have achieved, requires a system that’s transparent and traceable. If you’re considering Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) to reduce energy costs and risks, you’ll also need a robust management system to monitor performance. 

Hubgrade is Veolia’s real-time reporting system and remote management service that combines intelligence with interactivity. It can measure, monitor and control the efficiency of your buildings and infrastructure to:  

  • Identify potential cost savings of more than 15%
  • Reduce your water, electricity and gas usage
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Help you achieve ISO50001 Energy Management certification
  • Identify issues so you can respond quickly
  • Highlight significant usage or unusual consumption
  • Track performance and efficiency through the Hubgrade dashboard
  • Automatically generate monthly energy and water reports

Hubgrade will improve your resource efficiency through targeted energy and water management solutions that will generate guaranteed savings. Our expert analysts will interpret your data and trends to help you make informed decisions about how best to optimise your water and energy use. By identifying specific areas for resource improvements we can also eliminate inefficiencies and provide traceable evidence that you are meeting your resource challenges.

How do we create value for you?

The Hubgrade management system is a resource-efficient solution that can identify significant cost savings, reduce your water and energy use, and cut your CO2 emissions. All of which will enhance your corporate social responsibility credentials. 

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