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District Heating

Low carbon, sustainable and affordable heating delivered through Veolia District Heating

Local authorities, retail, education and housing customers are increasingly looking for ways to provide sustainable and affordable heating. Our district heating systems ensure you can promise those customers a low carbon solution that meets environmental regulations - and saves on connection, operation and maintenance costs.

How we can help

Veolia’s district and community heating schemes supply heating and hot water to individual customers via a central Energy Centre that is located on-site. Each property or business has a Heating Interface Unit (HIU) installed, which enables them to personally control the heat and hot water they use.

Our district heating schemes work on a continually circulating hot water system so there’s no need to supply gas to feed individual buildings. With no fuel, no individual boilers, no odours or noise, it’s a cleaner way of living that significantly reduces carbon emissions and your customer’s impact on the environment. It also enables businesses to avoid the Climate Change Levy. The equipment used to transfer the heat from the network takes less than 25% of the space of a conventional boiler plant, freeing up valuable space that can be put to more profitable use.

Our district and community heating schemes provide:

  • Excellent customer service including customer relations management, billing and metering
  • Energy Centre and equipment maintained by skilled engineers and technicians
  • A standing charge that includes HIU maintenance and a biennial equipment service
  • Automated meter reading for accurate monthly bills

How do we create value for you?

Our smart battery storage is a quick-win way to optimise the way you buy and use energy, so you make savings and reduce your environmental impact. Even a small solution can be used as an uninterruptable power supply, providing back up in the event of system or grid failure to maintain all your critical processes. 


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