Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Reduce cleaning costs and shutdown
​​​​​​​time with our Heat Exchanger Cleaning service

Heat exchangers often suffer from sediment build up, but cleaning a large quantity can be a significant cost to your operations due to production downtime. Our technology-drive solution promises a precise and efficient clean that’s up to five times faster than traditional methods, so you can get back up and running as soon as possible.

How we can help

Our experienced operators use state-of- the-art equipment to precision clean heat exchangers to the correct standards – inside and out. The multi-lance machine cleans inside the tubes, while a hydraulically-driven machine cleans the outside of heat exchangers to exacting standards. Because our highly-efficient system can clean a large quantity of exchangers in a short time, it is ideal for oil or chemical refineries, or any large production plant.

We can also supply fully-enclosed containers to clean your heat exchangers. These are particularly recommended for mercury-contaminated exchangers, or those in hydrofluoric acid plants as the containers collect the waste inside and eliminate any overspray from external washing.

How do we create value for you?

The multi-lance service is up to 5 times faster than using single handed cleaning lances. That means you can reduce your cleaning costs and minimise the overall shutdown time. The precision cleaning process meets the highest inspection standards to help you comply with relevant environmental legislation. And because the lance is operated remotely, it is safer than traditional methods in terms of your overall health and safety credentials.

  • Up to 5 tubes simultaneously
  • With water jet pressure up to 1000 bar
  • With hot water up to 85⁰C for difficult to clean exchangers
  • Up to IRIS inspection standard for tube side cleaning
  • Floating head or U tube heat exchangers
  • Automated, hydraulically-driven rollers
  • Minimum damage to the exchanger
Veolia UK | Bundle Pulling Services

Bundle Pulling Services

Our bundle pulling capability is ideal for industries that operate time-driven maintenance shutdowns where saving time is critical to success. These may include oil and chemical refineries, or any production plant where heat exchangers are utilised and require rapid removal and cleaning.

Heat exchangers and the bundles within them need to be removed periodically for cleaning and maintenance. While this is vital to maintaining efficiency, it’s a time-sensitive process resulting in production downtime. You need a complete solution that applies the very best technology to guarantee precision cleaning in a set time-frame, while also minimising risk and maintaining operational continuity.

How does this solution make a difference?

Using a crane and hydraulic pulling car our aerial bundle extraction system is able to quickly and gently remove bundles from their shell. We then use the latest automated high pressure water jetting technologies for cleaning, meaning equipment is cleaned up to five times faster than traditional manual cleaning methods. The heat exchanger bundle is inspected (if required) and then placed back into the shell.

By significantly speeding up the removal and cleaning process, shutdown time is minimised and costs saved. Also, due to the remote operation of the cleaning lance, the process is safer than traditional
high pressure water jetting methods. Plus, with our dedicated teams and expertise in environmental and safety legislation, you can be confident that you’re meeting all of your compliance commitments.

How does this create value for you?

Fast, precision cleaning means instant financial savings and fewer safety risks. What’s more, by keeping critical assets in a cleaner condition, you will see long-lasting efficiency improvements and extended equipment life span.

High Pressure Water Jetting

You need to clean your assets effectively to maintain the safety and performance of your operations. We have extensive industrial cleaning experience, and a state-of-the-art equipment to keep the wheels of industry running smoothly.

How does this solution make a difference?

Cleaning industrial equipment can present a considerable risk to operators and require extensive downtime for your critical operations. That’s why you need a support service you can trust. Our innovative, high flow water jetting equipment can be used to clean a wide range of industrial assets, from heat exchangers, columns and vessels to pipelines, tanks and boilers.

Our High Pressure Water Jetting service includes:

  • Highly-skilled technicians
  • 450 HP high-powered machines
  • Pneumatically-powered, multi-lance machines
  • 250 LPM at 1000 bar pressure
  • High temperatures
  • Automated tank cleaning heads
  • Truck-mounted equipment

How does this create value for you?

Water jetting at high temperatures and high pressure is the most effective way to clean even the worst contamination in vessels, pipelines and heat exchangers. The operation is entirely automated, removing operators from high-risk activities and protecting your company’s safety record. This fast and effective solution also minimises downtime on critical shutdowns and maintenance operations, so you can get back to being fully operational as quickly as possible.

Up to x5 times faster than using single-handed cleaning

Minimise the overall shutdown time

Safer than traditional methods