Multipurpose Wood Shavings for Equestrian

wood shaving bedding

Compact and easy to handle, Multipurpose bales are a popular choice for horse owners nationwide who require a value for money shavings product.

Multipurpose is predominantly white softwood shavings combined with a slightly darker wood content providing a comfortable, clean bedding for stabled horses. Multipurpose undergoes a unique dust-extraction process which makes it a sensible choice for horses that are sensitive to airborne dust to improve respiratory health.


  • Dust-extracted – supporting respiratory health
  • High quality – mainly softwood shavings
  • Excellent absorption – for a dry bed
  • Can be used with rubber stable mats
  • Available in 19 kg (approx.) bales


Multipurpose – from Stockists & Delivered Nationwide

Arden can also now deliver Multipurpose shavings in single pallets (30 bales) or more, directly to yards nationwide. Please call our Sales team at Arden Wood Shavings to find out more about pallet deliveries.  Multipurpose is also available from selected stockists nationwide.



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