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At Veolia, we see the world a little differently. To us, waste is a valuable resource, wastewater can be transformed into drinking water, and wasted energy can be a source of warmth.

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We’re determined to help everyone rethink their relationship with resources. It’s the reason we’re here – to collaborate on rebuilding a balanced and sustainable environment that will give future generations the chance to thrive.

If it’s the reason you’re here too, then you’ve come to the right place. Alongside helping to push for ecological transformation, joining Veolia gives you the chance to have a rewarding career with benefits such as:

  • A competitive salary
  • An optional pension scheme
  • Discounts on everything from groceries to gym memberships
  • High-quality learning opportunities

If you can see the potential of the planet’s resources, then we want to help you make the most of your own potential too.


Our Values

At Veolia it is vital that we have strong values as they make the biggest difference to our people. It forms our culture and provides our team with how we are going to reach our purpose - helping to protect the planet from the effects of climate change by delivering Ecological Transformation. When you believe in what your company is trying to achieve it provides the drive to deliver it.

We’ve brought Veolia’s values of customer focus, innovation, community spirit, responsibility and respect to life whilst helping every person to realise the benefits of these. And we’re ensuring that our behaviours, rewards and people frameworks are all in support of our values. So that everyone understands that we are not just interested in what they do but also how they do it.

Customer Focus

See how important our customer relationships are. When we listen, we learn. It's the best way to respond to our customers' needs- it's what helps us deliver fresh ideas that suit them to build strong relationships. From then, we can work towards their goals, while moving towards ours at the same time. Once we understand each other, our potential together is limitless. And it all starts with trust and openness.


See how even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Innovation plays a part in everything these days, but it's easy to forget what it's actually for. It doesn't mean we rely on technology to do our jobs for us. It means looking for better ways to stay productive, working smarter and finding new ways to get the most out of what we do, no matter what part of the business we're in.

Community Spirit

See how working together means we can do so much more. When your team is committed to creating meaningful change, you're part of something bigger. And everyone's different perspective on how to make that happen is key. So we openly support each other, our customers and community, to help everyone grow and move forward. It's how we support local communities and how we've built our own.


See the crucial part we all play. When you see the world as we do, you can see the environment's potential. It's what gives us that sense of responsibility to change our future, and create a better, more sustainable world.


See why treating people with respect matters. Respect is something that everyone has the right to in every workplace, and here at Veolia it's no different. It's only fair that all our people treat each other with dignity and decency, as that's how we create a fair place to work where our people can be themselves.


Want to know more about our training, benefits, and commitment to sustainability? 

Learning and Development

With our mix of learning and training opportunities, everyone at Veolia is given the chance to back themselves in improving their own skills. From our £5 million investment into development programmes, to Campus Veolia, our dedicated training centre, we want our people to have all the resources they need to reach their potential.

Our approach to learning is diverse – on-site visits, role play, online learning, written assignments and dedicated classroom environments are all part of the curriculum. All of these methods can contribute towards a recognised qualification as part of our career pathways framework, including:

  • Apprenticeships - an ambitious programme for 300 Apprentices that provides an opportunity to learn on the job and qualify for a variety of roles.
  • Supported learning, both financially and with study time, to gain qualifications with an external provider including degrees, MBAs and chartered status.

    This all comes together to form part of a great package of benefits to help you build the career at Veolia you deserve.


Alongside your competitive pay, joining our UK team means you can look forward to a range of benefits.

Alongside 25 days of paid holiday (including bank holidays), you’ll also be entitled to:

  • An optional pension scheme that both you and Veolia can contribute towards
  • The MyChoices employee discount scheme; for savings on a range of products and services from travel and grocery, to insurance and financial products
  • A Cycle2Work scheme that could save you tax and National Insurance when you buy a new bike to cycle all (or part of) the way to work
  • Our Employee Assistance Programme for helpful and  confidential support 24/7, to deal with both personal or work problems
  • Some of our roles qualify for bonuses that are linked to our company performance

Social responsibility

We see how bright the future can be, and we know that every little action we do can make it a reality. So sustainability is key to everything we do. We care about people and the planet and encourage all our staff to respect the environments and the local communities that we work in.

However, being a good neighbour is only part of the story. We also get together with local community groups and schools to teach them the importance of recycling, recovery, and reuse.

We focus on recruiting within the community wherever possible. All our roles are advertised at local job centres around the UK, in partnership with the Department of Pensions and Work.

Sponsoring many local schemes and donating locally are just some of the ways we give back. One of our most popular initiatives is our Employee Volunteering Scheme. It gives every member of our team the chance to spend half a day of their working time every year volunteering within their local community, without losing any of their pay.

Our community activities also extend across the world, too. ‘Veolia Force’ is a network of emergency employee volunteers who can provide practical assistance when natural disasters strike.

It’s encouraging to see that our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed either. We’re proud to have been recognised as a leader in environmental and social responsibility by winning the Responsible Business of the Year Award 2016, Business in the Community’s flagship award. And if it inspires others to start thinking sustainably too, then that’s even better in our eyes.