Supporting businesses in the pharmaceutical sector on their journey to Net Zero.

Working with pharmaceutical companies to minimise risk and ensure compliance, whilst improving sustainability.

Businesses in the pharmaceutical sector have been in the spotlight more than ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pressure is on to reduce emissions, optimise sites, and meet increasingly stringent regulations.

The challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry in preserving the planet

Maintaining the license to operate

The ability to be able to sustainably produce and deliver vaccination campaigns that will save millions of lives are priorities to pharmaceutical companies. A case of non-compliance in wastewater discharge or in emissions, or any contamination in a batch of products could cause substantial operating losses.

Reducing the environmental impact of products

Plastic and electronic components are widely used in manufacturing medical devices, diagnostics, or surgical equipment. It is now a priority to include environmental footprint reduction at the design stage, during the manufacturing process, and all the way to the end of the lifecycle of all equipment.

Boosting profitability with innovative solutions

With the advent of generic medicines, with heavy pressure from governments regarding the price of drugs, and with cuts in the amounts refunded, industrials have strong incentives to look for solutions to produce the same treatments at a lower cost. 

Scaling down investments for infrastructures that are not core business

The pharmaceutical industry is investing in the future by increasing its production capacity, industrializing new technologies, and developing the factory of the future. Nowadays, because of a constantly changing environment, it is necessary to take another look at how financial resources are being allocated.

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Maintaining high standards on the road to Net Zero

Like all industries, the pharmaceutical sector is currently striving to hit zero carbon emissions ahead of the UK's 2050 Net Zero deadline.

Risk-free and resilient: choosing the perfect partner

Pharmaceutical companies need to minimise risk and avoid the unexpected as much as possible. In a highly regulated industry, this is crucial to protecting your license to operate.

Consistent support in a constantly evolving sector

The pharmaceutical industry is one that never stands still. As we have seen during the pandemic, it's an industry that is able to quickly react to changing needs.

Generating savings with a data-driven approach

Only with the visibility of data can pharmaceutical companies make informed decisions. But clear data can sometimes be surprisingly difficult to access.

Taking the stress out of Facilities Management

Managing various suppliers for different on-site services can be time-consuming and complicated - not to mention costly. Why not put your trust in one reliable supplier?

Supporting the pharmaceutical sector on the journey to a sustainable future

Net Zero is a hot topic in the pharmaceutical sector. However, it isn't the only trend or change which is impacting businesses in the industry.

Helping established pharmaceutical businesses to face today's challenges

Many sites were built with different priorities in mind, with infrastructure that was built to last. Whilst this is great news in terms of the longevity of sites, it can also present challenges when trying to upgrade equipment and processes.

Preparing for the unexpected with our Emergency Response scheme

All businesses like to think that their processes are fail-safe, with no potential for unexpected incidents. However, this is unfortunately not always the case. As with all businesses, things will inevitably go wrong.

Making green energy work for your business

Has your business switched to green energy, perhaps as part of a blended energy solution? It can help you meet sustainability targets, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money in the long run.


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By inspiring partnerships across the UK, Veolia is now at the forefront of innovation and delivering the circular economy.

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