Smart water systems and services

Leveraging data and information technology
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Streamline your operations
with Smart Water Systems and Services

With the UK's water systems under increasing pressure, water companies are looking to Smart Water solutions that leverage data and information technology for improved, streamlined and more efficient operation of their distribution networks.

How we can help

Our Smart Water Services have been designed to support water companies and industries as they seek to improve their water network management and infrastructure. Smart Water Services bring both economic and operational advantages to our your water operations.

Your operations will benefit from the knowledge and experience we have gained applying the Smart Water Services to our own projects in the UK and around the world. Through this, we understand that data and analysis is only valuable if it is applied with your specific operations in mind.

To help our clients manage their risk profile, save costs and improve service to customers and reputation in the community, we bring our experience working with water authorities, councils and industries across the UK. We have proven experience assuming risk for all aspects of water cycle management, including treatment and distribution.

How do we create value for you?

Smart Water Services means improving water efficiency for the benefit of our cities, towns and communities by using data and technologies as enablers to do this.

We can use technology to help:

  • Reduce energy consumption and decrease carbon footprint
  • Reduce time for repair
  • Improve decision making about asset replacement
  • Improve network efficiency
  • Increase the security of water supply
  • Enhance revenues through more accurate metering and billing
  • Improve water networks operations

Smart cities are "more efficient and transparent, they better meet the expectations of their citizens and businesses, optimize their operation and preserve their resources"

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