Understanding Enhanced Weathering

The need to reach Net Zero emissions has become more important as the world faces pressing climate change issues.
The sea weathering the coastline

What is Enhanced Weathering?

We can reduce many of our emissions, but certain ones are hard to abate. This is where carbon removal comes in. In order to achieve Net Zero, we need to find ways to offset these hard-to-abate emissions. One such method of carbon removal is enhanced weathering. 

Enhanced weathering is the acceleration of a natural process that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide dissolves in rainwater in the atmosphere and as it rains and comes into contact with volcanic rocks such as basalt, a chemical reaction occurs. This reaction releases minerals and nutrients into the soil while permanently storing carbon dioxide in mineral form. Enhanced weathering accelerates this process by spreading very small rock particles with a high reactive surface area across large areas of agricultural land. 

There are various types of carbon removal, including afforestation, pyrolysis of organic matter, bioenergy carbon capture and storage, and direct air capture. However, enhanced weathering is unique because it permanently stores carbon dioxide for over 10,000 years and has a multitude of co-benefits to agriculture.

The co-benefits of this process are clear; not only does it remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but it also helps to support the agricultural sector by improving soil health and enhancing crop growth by releasing key nutrients into the soil.



Enhanced Weathering: High Quality and Durable Carbon Removal Technology

At Veolia, we have extensive experience managing agricultural landspreading operations throughout the UK, processing over 250,000 tonnes of composts and bio-solids annually.  This operational expertise, combined with our logistical network, positions us uniquely to execute the Enhanced Weathering project across many regions within the UK.

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