Water Services

Water Services


In the UK, Veolia has established a strong presence in water management services. We have won many awards and hold a wide range of industry and trade accreditations - our clients know they are in safe hands.

Outsourcing solutions for business and industry

Are you a Tidworth resident? Find out here how you can pay your bill, whether your water is metered or not.
We provide water management services to business and industry. Our aim is simple - to help our clients reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their water and wastewater infrastructure. We're a key player in the UK water market where we have established a good reputation for a broad range of activities, including:

Our commercial expertise

In recent years our UK business has gone from strength to strength, with a client base including many major public and private sector organisations.

We have a long history of innovation and problem-solving. So whether we're advising on how to improve productivity at a wastewater treatment plant or operating a commercial plant that was built in the 1970s, our approach remains the same: we work with the available facilities, technologies and budgets to develop and deliver the best possible solution every time.

We divide our services into key sectors:

  • Commercial Services - Operation and maintenance of private water and wastewater facilities
  • Municipal Services - Providing operation and maintenance services for water and wastewater companies and local authorities
  • Technologies - Offering specialist skills in water and wastewater efficiency as well as an unequalled range of patented, technological products
  • Organics Recycling - Providing recycling solutions for organic waste streams
    The ideas and innovations that will impact the future of industry in 2050 and release £4 billion in hidden value.


Veolia's water businesses are certified to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) , ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety). We also hold a wide range of industry and trade accreditations. For full details, please see our Accreditations page.

We are also proud to have won, or been nominated for, a wide range of environmental leadership, customer services, innovation and health & safety awards - see our Awards and Achievements page for full details.

All clients have different needs

We never resort to a one-size-fits-all solution, because we recognise that each client is unique and we pride ourselves in creating a fully bespoke service. Regardless of contract size, we always aim to provide a high-quality service.

Our clients tell us that they value our set-up because they know we represent a safe pair of hands. Leaving the management of their water operations to us as a trusted partner frees them up to focus their efforts on developing their business.

Commercial Services
Veolia provides multi-utility services including electrical grid connections for renewable energy producers of waste, wind and anaerobic digestion.
Veolia delivers, operates and maintains industrial water and wastewater facilities
Our municipal clients are regulated water and sewerage companies, as well as public sector organisations like Local Authorities, across the UK.
We recycle many different forms of biosolids such as dried pellets, digested cake, all types of water/wastewater sludges and more.
Water and sewerage services for residents in the Tidworth and Perham Down area in Wiltshire.
Emergency Response