Unlocking the value of waste for retailers in an ever-competitive market
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Partnering with retail to cut
energy, resource use and carbon emissions

At a time of increased competition across the sector, cutting energy, resource use and carbon emissions - both at retail sites and across the supply chain - is a positive way to find cost efficiencies while reducing environmental impacts. We partner with retail customers to unlock value within waste and guarantee a secure, quality supply of utilities.

The perfect partner

We understand the pressures experienced by our retail customers. Finding ways to save money while meeting ever more ambitious carbon reduction goals, as well as wider environmental targets, is more important than ever. We work in partnership with retailers to co-create innovative solutions that generate significant cost savings.

Helping to meet rising customer expectations

More savvy consumers expect retailers to cut waste and packaging while improving their green product offering. This is putting more and more pressure on our retail customers. We help them to strike the right balance between saving energy, managing waste and providing a positive shopping experience.

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Our retail customers typically reduce costs and carbon emissions by around 30% while diverting 98% of their waste away from landfill thanks to our waste, water and energy efficiency solutions.

Supermarkets have increasingly stringent green targets to meet and face mounting pressure from consumers to address their environmental impact.

But this is not just down to the retailers themselves - the whole supply chain can play a part in making brands more sustainable.

How we can support supermarkets' evolving requirements

As consumers' needs are evolving, so too are supermarkets, in two different, distinct ways.

Making sure your concessions support your waste management strategy

Concession brands within supermarkets are becoming increasingly popular, but with separate waste management systems to your own, it's important to make sure that concessions don't undermine your sustainability efforts.

Improving efficiency to identify cost savings

In an increasingly fast-moving society, the ability to be agile and responsive is key for any business. Supermarkets in particular need to be able to react quickly. So how can you become more efficient?

Working with consumers to create a circular economy

As demonstrated by the launch of Asda's first 'sustainability store', supermarkets can integrate consumers into their sustainability plans to ensure an environmentally conscious approach from suppliers to shoppers.

Practical solutions for reducing your carbon footprint

As the UK approaches the legal Net Zero deadline of 2050, with some supermarkets having set their own earlier targets, it's important that retailers have effective strategies in place for reducing their carbon emissions.

Don't get left behind when it comes to food waste

Although supermarkets have already made a lot of progress when it comes to reducing food waste, it is important to develop the most sustainable routes possible for any food waste that is unavoidable. 

Managing waste efficiently at site level and beyond

Is your business's waste management strategy up to scratch? You need to ensure that the processes you have in place not only manage waste efficiently but also minimise costs and fully utilise resources.

Working with your supply chain to improve sustainability

Supermarkets have increasingly stringent green targets to meet and face mounting pressure from consumers to address their environmental impact.

How a partnership with Veolia could benefit your business

With pressure on supermarkets to reduce carbon emissions and minimise plastic packaging, we can support you and help your business achieve its goals across the board.

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Explore our Case Studies

By inspiring partnership across the UK, Veolia is now at the forefront of innovation and delivering the circular economy.

Our shop window, and the real demonstration of what we can achieve, lies in the results we deliver to our customers, and how we help them to become more resource-efficient, more sustainable and save money.

These case studies are great examples of how we help our customers take the lead and show how we can cut emissions to help mitigate climate change and preserve precious resources for future generations.