Veolia UK | Solutions for the retail market


Unlocking the value of waste for retailers in an ever-competitive market

Partnering with retail to cut
energy, resource use and carbon emissions

At a time of increased competition across the sector, cutting energy, resource use and carbon emissions - both at retail sites and across the supply chain - is a positive way to find cost efficiencies while reducing environmental impacts. We partner with retail customers to unlock value within waste and guarantee a secure, quality supply of utilities.

The perfect partner

We understand the pressures experienced by our retail customers. Finding ways to save money while meeting ever more ambitious carbon reduction goals, as well as wider environmental targets, is more important than ever. We work in partnership with retailers to co-create innovative solutions that generate significant cost savings.

Helping to meet rising customer expectations

More savvy consumers expect retailers to cut waste and packaging while improving their green product offering. This is putting more and more pressure on our retail customers. We help them to strike the right balance between saving energy, managing waste and providing a positive shopping experience.

We increase energy efficiency by on average 25% and achieve up to 30% cost and carbon saving for retailers.




Our retail customers typically reduce costs and carbon emissions by around 30% while diverting 98% of their waste away from landfill thanks to our waste, water and energy efficiency solutions.