Multipurpose Wood Shavings for Poultry

wood shaving bedding

Whilst most poultry farmers now choose to use Arden’s Safemix product, wood shavings has a long history of use as bedding material and some farmers continue to prefer it for a variety of reasons.

Arden’s Multipurpose shavings consist of predominantly white softwood shavings with a slight darker wood content that pass through a highly effective sanitisation process to provide comfortable and hygienic poultry bedding. As the name suggests, Multipurpose shavings are ideal for all animals.

Multipurpose Wood Shavings Formats

Multipurpose wood shavings in bulk

Can be supplied in artic walking floor trailers or in rigid tipper vehicles. Unlike Safemix, bulk blower vehicles cannot be used for wood shavings.

Multipurpose wood shavings in maxi bales

The perfect solution when only small quantities are needed or when access for large bulk delivery vehicles is limited. Ideal also for storing on the farm in advance of turnaround.

The special size and shape of these bales make them easy to handle and use thereby reducing labour time and the risk of manual handling related injury.

safemix lorry


Arden Wood Shavings is renowned for quality, reliability, and integrity.

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