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Working at Veolia means being part of a community: the community of Resourcers.

Our mission is to 'Resource the world', but it takes more than just ambition. It takes the daily efforts of thousands of people across the UK to bring it to life.

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For some, it means using their head, but for the active, practical and hardworking operatives out there in the streets, it means using their hands. These are our do-ers, our enablers. These are the people that bring our vision to life, one street at a time.

Together, they make our communities better. They are the resourcers, behind the resources. They are real people like you, and they make change happen, every day.



Improving communities and protecting the environment are right at the heart of our business.

We live in a world that needs to take more care of its resources. That’s why we value our people who are out there helping to make it happen, rain or shine, day after day.

Veolia UK | We Are Resourcers never give up

We’re working towards smart, green, pleasant, sustainable eco-neighbourhoods. 

Where that starts is with our can-do collective on the streets. They’re at the sharp end of a business that changes sludge into plastic and even recovers palladium. Taking care of the environment begins in the great British driveway.

Veolia UK | We are resourcer move forwards

We are open to the world and to others.

We know how to unite and mobilise to ensure the success of our projects.