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As the UK's fourth-largest industry, the hospitality and leisure sector has huge annual energy costs of more than £1.36 billion, contributing more than 8 million tonnes of CO2. 

Hotels, pubs, restaurants and leisure centres demand significant amounts of energy and generate large volumes of waste.


Food waste remains the number one priority

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges for the sector, costing the leisure industry alone some £241 million a year - the equivalent of £4,000 per tonne of waste. Preventing avoidable food waste remains a top priority for companies under pressure to improve margins while reducing their environmental footprint.

Continuously adding value

Our hospitality and leisure sector customers are able to achieve rates of 98% diversion from landfill via our national network and the development of bespoke onsite waste improvement programmes to boost the bottom line.

Finding efficiencies, reducing carbon

We service 16,000 hospitality and leisure customers so we understand that you need cost-effective and long-term solutions to reduce your environmental footprint and ease the financial burden of waste, particularly food waste.



On average, our customers in hospitality and leisure achieve cost savings of 30% and avoid 9,647 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

Our services and solutions will ensure a sustainable future for your operation and deliver the results you need!

Pubs & Restaurants

In today’s challenging climate, the pub and restaurant industry is under increasing pressure to make business processes as efficient as possible.

Improving resource management to meet your sustainability needs

Now more than ever, pubs and restaurants are under pressure to do the right thing for the environment and improve the sustainability of their operations. 

How can we use data to improve efficiency in your business?

Whatever the size and scope of your business, a large amount of information exists about your waste service, which can be capitalised on to drive efficiency.

Choosing the right waste service, whatever your location

Location is often a key factor in driving pubs' and restaurants' footfall. While a site’s setting holds a certain appeal to customers, it can hinder your delivery, waste and other services. 

How to audit your waste and energy operations effectively

Energy and waste are two areas in which efficiencies may be found. Waste management in particular is often overlooked as a necessary service rather than a resource which can be utilised to help your business realise savings.

Engaging staff in your recycling and sustainability aims

Your business may have sustainability strategies in place which promise to deliver cost savings, increase recycling rates, and more. But if you don't engage staff at all levels of the business, it will be harder to turn your sustainability ambitions into reality.

A tailored approach to waste management

We know that a one size fits all approach won't work when it comes to waste management for your pub or restaurant business, as every site has unique requirements and challenges. A site audit can help to inform a bespoke, tailored approach.

Account management that goes above and beyond

Waste management is only a small part of what your relationship with Veolia can include. Your account manager can offer guidance on how we can support you to create a sustainability strategy, and implement solutions that help you meet your goals.

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We reduce CO2 emissions across hospitality and leisure by 9,647 tonnes a year - the equivalent of taking 3,308 cars off the road. Our services and solutions will ensure a sustainable future for your business.

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By inspiring partnership across the UK, Veolia is now at the forefront of innovation and delivering the circular economy.

Our shop window, and the real demonstration of what we can achieve, lies in the results we deliver to our customers, and how we help them to become more resource-efficient, more sustainable and save money.

These case studies are great examples of how we help our customers take the lead and show how we can cut emissions to help mitigate climate change and preserve precious resources for future generations.