A tailored approach to waste management

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We know that a one size fits all approach won't work when it comes to waste management for your pub or restaurant business, as every site has unique requirements and challenges. A site audit can help to inform a bespoke, tailored approach.

Site-specific needs

Although all of the sites in your pub or restaurant business may have consistent branding, menus, and decor, they will naturally differ in terms of setting, accessibility, and site requirements. Your waste management strategy, therefore, needs to reflect this by being adapted to suit each site's individual needs.

Variable factors to consider are making sure that bins are stored somewhere safe and secure, as well as conveniently located for staff who have to visit them frequently, whilst not affecting the aesthetic of the site. Alongside this, it's important to ensure that they are easily and safely accessible for collection staff.

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What's the best way to address all of these concerns?

Veolia's site audit process involves an analysis of all of your sites to discover what their individual requirements are, and how we can best provide a service that meets these requirements. Initially, our analysis includes a detailed look at the waste the site is producing, to make sure that it has the right number of containers which are being collected as often as required. Before anything else, this ensures that the site has the bins needed to adequately deal with the waste produced.

Once this has been evaluated, we can then assess the site's waste management needs in terms of accessibility and storage, and make recommendations for improvement. This could mean moving the container storage area to somewhere different, changing the bin collection schedule so that our vehicles don't disrupt the site's surroundings, or even installing new infrastructure such as ramps to make waste collections easier and safer. Analysing your site and optimising processes can save you money, as you are only paying for the services you really need.

Let us take the stress away

Through our site audit process, Veolia will gain an understanding of each of your sites, enabling us to make sure your waste management service works for you and creates value. As well as making sure you have the waste management processes in place to manage the waste quantities and streams your sites produce, we will ensure your waste collections run as smoothly as possible - meaning you can focus on running your business.

During the pandemic, we have adapted our services, including conducting site audits remotely. Post-Covid, we will continue with this agile approach, including how we approach sites in more challenging locations.


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