Understanding your business's needs, whatever your location

We understand that changing supplier for any critical service can feel like a risk.

When that risk involves waste collection, you should balance any potential benefits such as cost, carbon and sustainability, with the disruption of change to things like the way you are invoiced, the day and time your bins are emptied, even down to the type and size of the bin you may be using going forward.

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Change supplier with confidence

One way to remove the risk of change is to use a supplier with experience and expertise. At Veolia, we sold and sited 5665 containers between July and December 2020, so we know what we're doing when it comes to your waste.

But it may surprise you to learn that it’s not WHAT serving over 50,000 local customers has taught us that removes the risk for you. In fact, it’s much more about the HOW we work that is the reason you can be confident in changing from your current waste collector to one of Veolia’s resource management collections. Read on to learn how we use site audits to understand your needs from the outset and make it easy for you to switch to Veolia with confidence. 

With 90% geographical coverage in the UK, we are capable of adapting our waste management services to a broad variety of settings. Location types at both ends of the spectrum - inner-city and rural - present different challenges, which we can assess using our site audit process in order to deliver the most effective service.

Inner-city challenges

For customers located in the centre of the UK's towns and cities, a big issue can be noise. You want to be a good neighbour to the people who live and work around you and with businesses often being located in densely populated areas, collection routes starting in the early hours are not always the best choice and it’s you that often receives the complaints. Yet later in the day, there are issues of a different sort, with lots more traffic on the roads, and collection vehicles potentially presenting more of an inconvenience to your business's operations. The time of day we have found that works best is often early evening after the traffic has died down but before neighbouring residents are going to bed, and is something we try to be mindful of when planning urban routes.

Your site audit process also enables us to assess access routes for our vehicles - this can include checking we are able to drive down narrow streets, checking for overhead cables and more. Being informed about your site ensures that we can incorporate practical solutions, for example using an alternative route to avoid a street with lots of parked cars - giving you peace of mind that your waste will always be collected.

Rural considerations

On the flip side, rural settings often come with a very different set of challenges. These can again be based on the nature of the access roads to the site - very narrow or steep roads need to be assessed with our vehicles in mind, and consideration needs to be given to uneven surfaces. Extreme weather conditions can also affect our ability to access a site in some cases. Your site audit process will enable us to take all of these factors into consideration, and develop the most practical route possible.

Rural sites can also differ from urban ones in that they can be located quite a distance from any other businesses. This makes it imperative that there is clear communication between us and businesses in these locations to ensure that we are able to make collections when planned, as missed collections could have a big impact on your business.

Understanding the needs of your site

Wherever your business is located, we will conduct a thorough site audit to ensure that we understand what your needs are, so that we can provide you with the best possible service. 

By choosing Veolia to manage your commercial waste collection, you are not only choosing the best solution for your business but also the environment.


Find out how Veolia can support your business needs, whatever your location.
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