Agribed Poultry Bedding

Agribed is a sterile kiln dried paper crumb bedding that has been developed for broilers and turkeys.
Agribed Poultry Bedding for chickens, broilers and turkeys

Agribed Poultry Bedding

Agribed dried paper crumb bedding offers an effective yet affordable solution for your commercial poultry bedding needs. While offering many benefits to the health and comfort of your flock, Agribed also provides an opportunity to save on costs.


What is Agribed Paper Crumb Bedding?

British paper mills generate significant quantities of surplus non-hazardous solids or by-products, known as paper crumb. These fibres are then discarded in the pulping process and end up in the by-product we call paper crumb.

We obtain paper crumb and kiln dry it in a way that ensures very low levels of dust are created by the end product. Kiln drying also ensures that the product is sterile, biosecure, and ultimately safe to use under your poultry. The resultant product is Agribed, a cheaper alternative to wood shavings (without compromising on quality), and therefore, an effective solution for your commercial poultry flocks.

Benefits of Agribed Poultry Bedding:

Nationwide Delivery We provide bio-secure deliveries in bulk to poultry farms nationwide and can use specialist bulk blower vehicles or walking floors 

  • Excellent absorbency for drier sheds
  • Biosecure bedding
  • Sterile and comfortable
  • Reduced top-up requirements
  • Reduces hock marks and pododermatitis (Podo)
  • Elevated pH – helping to reduce litter bugs, parasites, and bad bacteria
  • Excellent insulator
  • Easy to spread
  • Spent litter is easy to muck out - stays dry and friable
  • Compliant with DEFRA, RSPCA and Red Tractor regulations for use as animal bedding
  • Agribed is made entirely in Great Britain for our Great British Farmers

We find the paper crumb works very well for our broilers. It absorbs more moisture but releases it just as efficiently so it is easier to work with and manage. This results in the use of fewer top-up bales, therefore saving us both time and money.


260,000 poultry (chickens and turkeys), North Yorkshire

We found the Agribed bedding to be very durable, and saw a substantial decrease in the number of top up bales required. The catchers also commented on how clean the birds were both at thinning and at final catch.


60,000 poultry (chickens), East Riding, Yorkshire

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